Rouge Allure: click-open lipgloss packaging

With more than two decades of expertise, GCC Packaging has always been one of the leading roles presenting cutting-edge design for beauty and cosmetic industry. Expanding from the existing collection of Click-Open Lipstick Case, GCC adds a new click-open lip gloss packaging to answer increasing demand of push-open closure design.

Completely different from any other lip gloss packaging available, the new click-open lip gloss packaging has several compartments assembled together and turns itself as an automatic push-open closure design. It has a plastic vial made of SAN plastic assembled in a sleek aluminum shell. While pressing down the top compartment, the plastic vial bounces up gently for user to twist cap open and use.

This elegant design has sufficient capacity of 6.5ml and is different from conventional design. It catches majority’s attention and wins many positive reviews.

GCQPL048 packaging specification:

  • Width: 18.8mm
  • Length: 90.54mm
  • Cap Material: PP/Aluminum shell
  • Base Material: SAN/Aluminum shell
  • Doe foot Material: Nylon
  • Wiper Material: LDPE