The three fundamentals of a great mascara product: Grace Cosmetics Co.

The 1960's were an iconic decade for music, fashion and make up. 60's style is instantly recognizable decades later such an effect did it have on pop culture.

One of the smallest products of the 60's revolution to still have an immense impact on daily life so many years later is the mascara brush. Providing an instant, efficient and practical function the mascara brush helped revolutionize make up application, putting an instant eye fix and enhancer into the hands of millions.

Decades on, mascara is one of the most popularly purchased make up products, yet without the proper packaging and the right brush even the best formula cannot make its name within the mammoth choice available to consumers.

As a professional cosmetic packaging provider, Grace Cosmetics Co. knows and values the significance of the relationship between a good mascara product with its packaging, brush and formula, and has developed a substantial selection of mascara packaging solutions to ensure the perfect mascara product for eyes and lashes of every shape and size.

Packaging + brush + formula = good mascara product

An airtight rigid bottle or a flexible tube? Every part of the packaging has a specific functional purpose when designing a full mascara product, likewise the presentation to ensure that the product favours with those to which it is targeted.

Customizable decoration is one of the keys to perfecting a packaging design; metallization, silk screen printing, heat foil transfer, hot stamping, etc, GCC is capable of designing and producing custom branded decoration with a variety of decorating techniques.

The most basic packaging serves to protect and contain product whilst maintaining its condition, yet consumer functionality is crucial for providing the best user experience and attracting users to return in order to make a repeat purchase. Considering the needs of the user, one of GCC's stand out mascara products includes a LED lighting device built in to the mascara bottle, perfect for making up the eyes in dim lighting.

The 3rd factor in the equation for a good mascara product is the selection of brush style with material and shape determining how a mascara product should be presented.

GCC performs user trials before launching a new product - securing user satisfaction as a standard operation, and once again, GCC's brilliant packaging solution presents a bona fide promise for a better cosmetic product.